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How Does Multiple Sclerosis Affect the Brain?

Credit: Rebecca Gustaf

How Does Multiple Sclerosis Affect the Brain?

New neuroimaging technologies have greatly enhanced researchers’ ability to understand how MS impacts the brain.

Corey Ford, who has been studying and treating MS for more than two decades, says the brains of MS patients develop lesions that can cause memory loss, weakness and vision problems. “Usually, MS begins with ‘attacks’ of a symptom,” he says. “Then, over weeks or months, it gets better. If they don’t recover completely, they may be left with a disability that could accumulate over time.”

 “The magnetoencephalography machine (MEG) shows both where the brain is activated and the timing while a person is performing a specific task,” says Ford. “So we can see when some part of the brain turns on, when it communicates and whether or not it’s slow or abnormal.”

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