Leslie Morrison, MD Leslie Morrison, MD
Credit: Sara Mota

Colleges collaborate to improve academic advisement

The University of New Mexico Health Science Center (HSC) and University College (UC) are collaborating to help improve academic advisement services at UNM. Members of the UNM College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, University College and Medical Laboratory Sciences program will meet throughout the spring semester to further advance advisement services provided during New Student Orientation.

Leslie Morrison, MD, HSC vice chancellor for academic affairs, and University College Dean Kate Krause, PhD, were on hand at a recent freshman orientation academic advisement session in Dane Smith Hall to kick off a summer season of collaborative advisement for health sciences majors.

Students will be exposed to the various health care professions through activities and videos, along with the typical course registration that goes along with New Student Orientation programs. Both HSC and UC advisors will work closely with new students. 

“The collaboration between both areas has been one of the best experiences I have had at UNM over my 16 years,” said Todd Hynson, HSC registrar and Student Services officer. “This level of collaboration has kept students’ needs first and foremost in mind.”

For more information, contact Laura Valdez at (505) 277-1686 or lvaldez@unm.edu, or Todd Hynson at THynson@salud.unm.edu

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