Neuroscience Day focuses on behavioral health and brain recovery and repair

The University of New Mexico's Brain and Behavior Health Institute (BBHI) once again brought together researchers, clinicians, educators and community members for its annual Neuroscience Day at the UNM Health Sciences Center. The event, held March 12, focused on brain recovery and repair and mental and behavioral health care. 

 “Our vision is to be a resource to the state on all aspects of brain disorders," said BBHI Director Bill Shuttleworth, PhD. "This can only be achieved by bringing together our researchers, clinicians and educators with members of the community."

The BBHI studies the broad spectrum of brain and behavioral illnesses that can affect multiple areas of a person's life, including their movements, thoughts, moods, body functions and behaviors. 

“Different disorders can strike at every stage of life – yet, in the end, it is all one brain,” said Margaret Migliorati, community liaison for the BBHI.

 “Every family in New Mexico has been touched by at least by at least one of these brain or behavioral disorders. Yet, it can be very difficult for families to navigate the health care system to get the expert care that they need," Migliorati said. "All too often these disorders are devastating to families and costly to society.” 

Neuroscience Day included speakers, posters, and panel discussions on current research at UNM and across the country.

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