Cancer Surgeons Bring Experience, Enthusiasm to the HSC

Bridget Fahy, MD

Surgical oncologists Bridget Fahy, MD, and Anna Voltura, MD say New Mexico's diverse population was among the reasons they chose to join the faculty at the UNM Health Sciences Center. Fahy specializes in colorectal and complex pelvic cancer, and Voltura specializes in breast cancer.

New Mexico includes a high percentage of Native Americans and Hispanics, groups that experience higher rates of certain cancers. Doctors at the UNM Cancer Center integrate innovative 
cancer treatment and clinical research because they are able to see the real world challenges treatments pose and use that insight to more effectively guide the research conducted. 

“The chance to deliver the evolving treatment options to my patients excites 
me,” Voltura said.

Fahy, who completed her fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, focuses not 
only on the cancer, but also on who her patients are on a personal level.

“I’m really concerned about more than just curing cancer, it’s about restoring their lives and trying to give that life back to them,” Fahy said. 

Anna Voltura, MD

Dr. Voltura, a graduate of UNM School of Medicine and a New Mexico native, is excited for her homecoming. “I am overjoyed at the opportunity to return home and especially to the UNM Cancer Center where we have the ability to help people throughout the state who may need breast cancer care,” she said.

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