UNM med student develops app to identify walking trails

William Kwan, a third-year UNM School of Medicine student, developed an iPhone app that identifies area walking trails.

Want a quick way to find a park or trail in New Mexico? Just use the new iPhone app that William Kwan, a third-year student in UNM’s School of Medicine, developed. He spent about 60 hours developing the application, which promotes exercise by helping patients and clinicians identify the closest walking trails.

William is part of a student interest group called Students in Medicine for Resources in Technology (SMRT). “I heard about the Prescription Trails project at a presentation a couple years ago and thought I could use my skills to help out the project,” William says. “I thought it was cumbersome to log on to have to find parks, so I just made it more mobile. I was thinking about something that was sustainable and would help out clinicians and patients.” He teamed up with the Prescription Trails Project, which is a multi-group collaborative effort, to identify the parks and trails.

Currently, William is doing his Internal Medicine rotation and has not decided on his specific career path yet. “I’m still exploring my options, but I like family medicine due to the breadth of knowledge and also the emphasis on prevention,” he says.

To view the app, visit Apple's iTunes store. To read about the best park and trail walking and wheelchair rolling paths in New Mexico, visit the “Prescription Trails” website.

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