UNMH earns national top-10 diversity ranking for second consecutive year

Online magazine DiversityInc recently announced its 2014 Top 50 Companies for Diversity, with University of New Mexico Hospitals ranking number 10 on the “Hospitals and Health Systems” Specialty List for the second consecutive year.

A total of 1,215 companies participated in DiversityInc’s 2014 survey, which focuses on four distinct areas of diversity: talent pipeline, equitable talent development, leadership commitment and supplier diversity.

There is no fee to participate and every company receives a free report card assessing its performance against all competitors.

According to DiversityInc, UNM Hospital's workforce is unique among the Top 10 in its workforce demographics. Forty-five percent of employees are Latino, and more than 4 percent are American Indian. Reflective of its demographics, the system’s board has American Indian and Latino representation.

The primary goal of the hospital’s Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is to identify and address any health disparities in the care patients receive. This is accomplished through mandatory cultural-competence training for the entire staff, including physicians and nurses, and the creation of a Health Literacy Task Force that develops patient-friendly, culturally sensitive communications.

To further ensure that culturally competent care is provided, the hospital system has launched the UNM Hospital LGBT Collaborative, which educates the UNM Hospital community about LGBT health issues and creates an environment that is supportive of LGBT employees, patients, families, friends and allies. It also has a Native American Health Service Office and extensive American Indian interpreter services.

“UNM Hospitals is a gateway to healthcare in New Mexico,” says CEO Steve McKernan. “Our mission includes patient care, education and research components – all tied to the diverse culture our state reflects. Understanding how a diverse workforce can help in offering health services is something we continue to learn and develop. Connecting and caring for a diverse population has never been more critical to our work, and we’re embracing that opportunity.”

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