2003 UNM Cancer Research & Treatment Center Merit Award Program

Type of Award: Fifteen (15) awards, each in the amount of $1,000

Number of awards: 4 each in Research & Basic Science

                                    5 each in Patient Care/Clinical Trials/Clinical Research

                                    3 each in Education/Prevention

                                    3 each in Administrative Support/fiscal Services

Criteria for Eligibility:              1. Must be a staff member at UNM, providing support

to the Mission of the HSC and the UNM CRTC in the areas of research, education/prevention, patient care or administration (non faculty). 

2.       If you are not a full-time UNM employee, or if your contribution to the UNM CRTC is not full-time, a partial award will be made. 

3.       In addition, the staff member must have a current performance appraisal (completed since October 1, 2003 for this year) on file by the nomination deadline.

4.       Staff member must have been employed in the current position for the calendar year prior to the date of nomination, for all of 2003.

5.       Staff members who are eligible for other UNM departmental awards, are not eligible for this program (Pathology, Pediatrics, etc.)

6.       Staff members are eligible each and every year.

7.       Self nominations will not be accepted.

Process for Nomination:          1. To make a nomination for a Staff Award, you must use the official Nomination Form. 

2.       Any staff or faculty member who has been employed in the UNM CRTC or an affiliated unit (Pathology, Medicine, OB/GYN, Radiation Oncology Associates, Surgery, Anesthesia, Dermatology, Pediatrics, etc.) during the prior calendar year may submit nominations. 

3.       Multiple nominations by an individual will be accepted.

4.       Please use a separate form for each staff member nominated.  

5.       Submit all forms to UNM CRTC Administration, c/o Chief Administrative Officer, UNM CRTC Room #208 / MSC08 4630 by the submission deadline (June 22nd for this year).  After eligibility of the candidate has been determined, the forms will be forwarded to the Awards Committee.  (Note; Other areas like Pathology, Pediatrics, VA, etc. all have existing programs for their staff and will not be eligible.)

6.       Supervisors are encouraged to nominate staff members who have completed certification from a recognized accrediting body, within a particular area of specialization.

Selection Process:  Seven members from each level in the organization will participate in the process.

Research & Basic Science:1 faculty member

Patient Care:1 faculty member + 1 staff person from the

technical or nursing staff

Education/Prevention: 1 Faculty Member or 1staff

person from EpiCC/NMTR

Administration: Chief Administrative Officer +  2

staff persons

Decision Criteria:         A brief narrative will be required from the nominator.  Requested information must be provided (300 words or less), describing how the nominee supports the UNM CRTC in the areas of research, patient care, education/prevention or administration; or what certification has been received and how the employees' achievement contributes to the UNM CRTC.  Staff nominations could be for any staff member that demonstrates exceptional talent and effort.  Supervisor nominations can be for the achievement of certification, but supervisors may also nominate staff for outstanding support to the UNM CRTC.  The committee will review the narratives and select the best representatives in each category.  The committee will recommend awards (and the final number of awards) to the Director.  The Director will make the final determination or break any ties that may occur.

Recognition Ceremony:  An afternoon reception will be held in UNM CRTC #240 and monetary awards and certificates will be handed out at that time.

To request a nomination from please email Harriet Kraye at hkraye@salud.unm.edu. Nominations are due June 22.
Contact: Angela Heisel, 272-3322

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