5 tips for Breathing Easy During Smoky Season

Wildfires around the state have impacted air quality

With so much smoke filling the skies around New Mexico we went to pediatric pulmonologist Laura Caffey, MD, to talk about tips for keeping you and your kids breathing easy!

Here are her top five recommendations if you live in or are visiting an area being impacted by wildfire smoke.

  1. Keep your windows closed.
  2. Try not to use a swamp cooler. Air conditioning units are better and can be used.
  3. Avoid outdoor exercise or activities.
  4. Not all masks will work to filter out smoke and fire particles. Dust and surgical-style masks do not filter out the particulates in the air from a fire.
  5. Use any breathing medications – like asthma inhalers – as prescribed, but if your child is relying on them more than every four hours, or if they are breathing with more difficulty, see a doctor.

Check out the interview with Dr. Caffey for more insight.

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