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A Triple Aim Best Practice

UNMH's Midwifery Division recognized by the American College of Nurses Midwives

The University of New Mexico Hospital’s Midwifery Practice has received a Triple Aim Best Practice recognition from the American College of Nurse Midwives. 

The “Triple Aim” Best Practice award recognizes practices that meet the Institute for Healthcare Improvement “Triple Aim” of improving the patient experience, reducing cost of care and improving the health of populations. It is determined by high breast-feeding rates, as well as low preterm birth and Caesarean section rates.

UNMH was one of just two in New Mexico – and one of 73 out of the 257 participating practices that were recognized

“The OB-GYN Department and the UNM Health Sciences Center is so proud of our exceptional OB-GYN cepartmental midwifery colleagues who are integral to our clinical care, education, research and community outreach missions,” said Eve Espey, MD, chair of Obstetrics & Gynecology. “They lead the way in compassionate care and quality with their focus on the Triple Aim. We are grateful for their partnership and leadership.”

Of the 257 partipicating practices, UNMH was named one of the top three best practices for rate of episiotomies for practices with 500 or more births a year by ACNM.

"Our practice has cared for families here at UNM for more than 40 years,” said Kelly Gallagher, PhD, CNM, and chief of the Midwifery Division. “We promote patient-led care and physiologic birth in our own practice, and share our expertise through the education of nurses, nurse-midwifery students and obstetric and family practice residents. 

“We conduct and support research and teach evidence-based care.  Above all, we honor women and their choices, providing a safe space for their birth and women's health experiences."

For more information on the UNMH Midwifery Division, please visit https://hsc.unm.edu/health/patient-care/womens-health/maternity-care/midwives.html.

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