Actress Annabeth Gish's Website Features CHNM

When Fox network officials decided to do something special for X-Files television star Annabeth Gish as the long time hit show ends, they went to the Intranet. The website they developed, "" highlights the time, energy and efforts she has put into her role as Monica Reyes. It also spotlights her favorite charity Children's Hospital of New Mexico. In addition to taking donations on behalf of Children's Hospital, an on-line charity auction will take place on May 19 in coordination with the series final episode. Approximately 15 copies of the finale will be auctioned with Gish's signature along with memorabilia from Gish's recent film project, Pursuit of Happiness. Donations can be taken directly by the website. Several methods of payment are available including a direct link to make a gift on Children's Hospital's website, Paypal, Western Union, snail mail and others. The auction will most likely take place on E-Bay. The company hosting the website is still determining the method of the auction. The website will have updates and more details. The site also said for non-financial help including asking other websites to plug the website with a banner. Those interested in linking to the website should link to The Hollywood Reporter ran an ad on May 10 thanking Gish for her contributions to the X-Files and served as a vehicle to encourage individuals to visit the website and make a donation to the hospital. For more information, visit the website at
Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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