Amy Clithero Completes Professional TED Program

Amy Clithero, MBA, has completed the Professional Development Certificate of Achievement in Medical Education offered through the Office of Teacher & Educational Development (TED). Ms. Clithero, a Lecturer in the Department of Family & Community Medicine, is the first person to complete the Mastery Level of the certificate program, a significant achievement demonstrating her commitment to excellence in education.

T he program is designed to encourage, recognize, and value excellent teaching. Benefits include improving teaching and learning, documenting professional development in education for career development and performance review, and recognizing commitment to educational excellence.

Certificates may be obtained in five areas of focus: Educational Theory into Practice, Teaching Methods/Venues, Clinical Teaching & Reflection, Learner Assessment, and Build Your Own. To obtain a Certificate of Achievement in any area of focus involves participating in identified TED workshops, applying learning in actual practice, and reflecting on the process and outcome. Earning the Mastery Level requires completion of four of five of the areas of focus.

Further details about the program can be found on the TED website at
Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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