Art Exhibit Honors Original UNM Medical Faculty

“Unsung” is the title of an exhibition of some 20 portraits of men and women who pioneered the UNM Medical School in the 1960s and 70s and who are still practicing medicine and teaching today. The exhibition opens in the UNM fifth Floor Art Gallery on Friday, October 26 with a reception from 4-6 p.m.

The portraits representing faculty who joined the School of Medicine in 60s and early 70s who still practice in a variety of departments, including cardiology, internal medicine, family medicine, pathology, neurology, pediatrics, micro-biology, epidemiology and surgery.

The UNM Medical School began as a two-year program in 1965 that expanded into a three year program two years later. While the exhibit doesn’t capture everyone from before 1980 who is still practicing today, the group is representative of a time when the medical school was small enough to where “you pretty knew everyone on faculty” and could easily find parking on north campus. Those small beginnings have grown to a faculty of more than 600.

 Pediatric cardiology staff member and exhibition guest curator Nancy Whalen will present the series of portraits of the "old guard" in a way to honor them while they are still active in campus life. Melville decided to call the show "Unsung" because all of the faculty he painted were so modest about their accomplishments. "They're heroic, in a way; they built a medical school from the ground up. They invented a new way of teaching medicine that is now internationally known. But they're not about that; they're very humble," said Melville. "I feel like I've grown as a person just from talking to them."

Faculty members who will be have portraits in the show are:

Jonathan Abrams, MD      Arthur Bankhurst, MD     Joseph Bicknell, MD

David Bennahum, MD      Thomas Borden, MD        Stewart Duban, MD

Stan Handmaker, MD, PhD  Fred Hashimoto, MD     Arthur Kaufman, MD

Charles Key, MD, PhD      Patricia McFeeley, MD       Moheb Moniem, MD

Gary Rosenberg, MD        Paul Roth, MD                 Joseph Scaletti, PhD

Reg Strickland , MD          John Trotter, PhD           Bert Umland, MD

Philip Zager, MD              William Wiese, MD

The exhibit will run to November 30 in the UNM Hospital Art Gallery on the fifth floor of clinic building. For more information on the exhibit, contact Nancy Whalen

Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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