"Brain of a Zombie" Café Scientifique April 17


April 17, 2013

Popular Presentation Engages High School Students in Neurosciences


UNM Neuroscientist Russell Morton, Ph.D., uses popular Hollywood Sci-Fi genre to captivate Albuquerque high school students in the principles of neuroscience and brain anatomy, including areas of the human brain that control complex muscle movement, vision, memory, behavior, emotions and more. By comparing a “normal” human brain to a Zombie brain, and allowing students to handle an actual human brain, Morton’s compelling performance leaves high school students wanting more.


TONIGHT - Wednesday, April 17, 7 p.m.


The Brain of a Zombie Presenter Russell Morton, Ph.D., UNM Neuroscientist Café Scientifique Director Michelle Hall, president of Science Education Solutions Inc. Approximately 50 Albuquerque area high school students


UNM Center for High Tech Materials, 1313 Goddard SE Map àhttp://www.chtm.unm.edu/facilities/building/CHTM_MAP.html


The Brain of a Zombie is an important tool to increase high school students’ interest in the biomedical sciences and research. As part of a federal grant, the Academic Science Education& Research Training (ASERT) program promotes excellence in educators and research scientists in biology, bioengineering and biomedical sciences.

CONTACT Michelle Hall, 505/412-6533 Dr. Russell Morton 272-6694 Please call to confirm your attendance.

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