Carrie Tingley Hospital will have a petting zoo and events for patients and families.

Carrie Tingley Hospital (CTH) will be hosting a Spring Fling event on Monday, April 14,  from 9 am-4 pm.  This event will be held for CTH patients under 21 years old and their immediate families.


 The event will be sponsored by The Carrie Tingley Hospital Recreation Department.  The Spring Fling will be held outside on the lawn areas of Carrie Tingley Hospital.  The front playground area will be transformed into a bunny garden, with pet bunnies available for the children to pet.  A petting zoo will also be set up on the south lawn.


 In addition to the animal petting areas, children, families and staff will have a chance to participate in games and crafts, as well as cart rides for the children, and magic shows throughout the day.  Lunch will be served on the south lawn, and a Guest Bunny will provide the kids with a special gift.  Pictures will also be taken with the Guest Bunny.  


Please register inside the Carrie Tingley front lobby.  For more information call Marcia Murray 272-5340.


Carrie Tingley Hospital has a legacy of more than sixty years of commitment to New Mexico's children and their families.  Located in Albuquerque, it is one of five hospitals in the Clinical Operations family of the Health Sciences Center at the University of New Mexico.   CTH provides caring and coordinated healthcare to children and adolescents with complex musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions, rehabilitation needs, developmental issues and long-term physical disabilities.


Contact: Jennifer Riordan, 272-3322

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