Columbian Health Sciences Delegation to Visit HSC


Health Sciences Deans and Faculty from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota Columbia, are visiting the UNM Health Sciences Center to share academic program curricula; assess common research goals and capabilities to enhance knowledge in science, health and economic development; provide faculty and students from both universities an opportunity to conduct clinical rotations; learn more about the HSC's activities in dental hygiene, dental services and dental clinics; and investigate other possible areas of health sciences collaboration.


UNM’s Health Sciences Center has earned an international reputation for its academic curriculum, research programs, comprehensive health delivery system and economic impact toNew Mexico. The HSC has provided clinical services and research that help improve the health of less fortunate populations around the globe.New Mexico and Columbia share similar challenges in academic medicine and rural health care delivery, as well as cultural barriers and opportunities for improved health, education and research. By sharing knowledge and experiences, both sides can improve scientific, academic and clinical missions, as well as community health and healthcare access.


Wed., July 17, 2:30 p.m.; UNM Dental Ambulatory Surgical Center, 1801 Camino de Salud NE

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