CON Professor Named Associate Editor

March 21, 2005

Contact: Angela Heisel, 272-3651


Paul Clements, Ph.D., APRN, BC, a psychiatric forensic specialist and assistant professor at the UNM College of Nursing, has been named associate editor of the Journal of Forensic Science (JFN).

Fueled by an intense demand for information on forensic nursing science, the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) launched the new peer-reviewed scientific journal in March 2005.

The Journal of Forensic Nursing is published quarterly and will feature such topics as interpersonal violence (sexual assault, abuse, domestic violence); death investigation, legal and ethical issues; emergency and trauma; and many other aspects of this multidisciplinary specialty.

The journal's intended readers are those who work with victims of violence as well as offenders including professionals in health care, law enforcement, legal, psychiatric, psychosocial, public health, scientific, and other settings.

"Our goal is to expand empirical evidence important to our practice worldwide," Dr. Clements said. "Not only will the journal advance the science, but it will fill the tremendous need for making multidisciplinary research available to forensic researchers, educators, and administrators, as well as clinicians."                                                                                                                                           

JFN will present:

Original research and in-depth analyses

Continuing education articles

Current issues, practices, and innovations

Empirical and methodological studies

Comprehensive reviews and theoretical articles

Case studies

Forensic nursing is one of the fastest growing nursing specialties in the world. The nurses are specially trained licensed health care professionals who provide nursing care for victims, survivors, witnesses, suspects, and those convicted of violent crimes. Forensic nurses also bridge the gap between the health care and criminal justice systems by collecting and preserving forensic evidence and testifying in the courts of jurisdiction.

Contact: Angela Heisel, 272-3322

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