CON Students' Project Implemented by APD

Four UNM College of Nursing students were presented an award for their health policy changing project submitted and presented in the first-ever UNM Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium.  

College of Nursing students Brenda Bannowsky, Molly Ashcraft, Marissa Romero, and Van Nguyen were recognized for their presentation at the Undergraduate & Creativity Symposium Award Ceremony on Thursday, December 2, 2004.

Their project, titled "A COP," which stands for Acknowledge Comfort Observe and Protect, is an approach to help address children at crime scenes or children who have been exposed to violence to prevent further psychological damage. 

While "A COP" was implemented into the Albuquerque Police Department Police Academy curriculum in September 2004 after the group members met with Mayor Martin Chavez to inform him of the benefit of teaching this kind of intervention, any adult can follow the procedures to protect and comfort children at crime scenes or children exposed to violence.

"Our nursing students' project resulted in making a health policy change,; they represent the future leaders in nursing science," said Paul Clements, PhD, RN , faculty mentor and Associate Professor of Nursing at the College.

Other UNM College of Nursing projects presented at the Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium November 22, 2004 include:

"Diabetes: From a Walking Perspective," by Rebecca Brown, Van Nguyen, Marissa Romero, and Claudia Torres,.

"Healthy Children Make Healthy Adults: Prevention of Childhood Obesity," by Tracey Garcia, Daniel Hogu, Chelsey Houston, Tamara Perea, and Alicia Spiess.

"Gender Differences in Emotional Factors and Symptom Reporting of Individuals with COPD," by Claudia I. Torres.

Contact: Angela Heisel, 272-3322

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