CoP Alum Named Young Pharmacist of the Year

Contact: Shannon Guess (505) 272-0261

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ALBUQUERQUE , N.M. – The New Mexico Pharmacists Association (NMPhA) has named University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy graduate Dr. Daryl Dineyazhe-Toya Young Pharmacist of the Year.

The award is designed to acknowledge young pharmacists for their individual excellence and outstanding contribution to pharmacy, and their pharmacy association and community. Candidates must have received a degree in pharmacy less than 10 years from the date of selection as well as practice retail, institutional or consulting pharmacy in the year selected. Among other community-based requirements, candidates must also keep current membership in the state pharmacy association and maintain a license to practice in the state.

Dr. Dineyazhe-Toya received her bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from UNM in 1997 followed by her Pharm.D in 2007. She currently works for Indian Health Services in the Albuquerque unit, serving both the Santa Ana and Zia pueblos as the chief pharmacist and clinical director.

The NMPhA’s primary goal is to represent and promote the professional practice of pharmacy. In doing so, they work to educate patients and consumers, improve communication and nurture advancements in training and instruction.

Contact: Lauren Cruse, 272-3322

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