CYFD to Present UNM Children's Hospital with Shaken Baby Syndrome, training/ educational tapes

The Children Youth and Families Department (CYFD) Cabinet Secretary Dr. Mary-Dale Bolson will present UNM Children's Hospital with training/educational tapes about Shaken Baby Syndrome, on Wednesday, April 16 at 9 am. 


The presentation of the tapes takes place during April Child Abuse Prevention Month, which is a collaboration between CYFD and representatives from UNM Children's Hospital. 


"On average, around 2,400 children are found to be victims of child abuse each day across the United States," Bolson said. "Child abuse prevention starts with effective parenting.  Abuse, as well as neglect, affects the entire community, not just the child and family involved. "


Dr. Robert Katz, associate professor and physician-in-chief of children's services at University of New Mexico Children's Hospital notes that UNMH sees hundreds of children who are abuse, neglected or otherwise endangered each year.


"It is critical that we continue educating parents, families and all health care providers of children on both shaken baby syndrome and other cause of child maltreatment," express Katz.


Throughout April, CYFD will educate local communities on the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome, by distributing educational materials to the statewide Child Health Council.  "Our goal is to strengthen families to ensure that children are raised in healthy and safe environments," says Bolson. 


The presentation of the training/educational videos, set to take place in the UNM Children's Hospital Pediatric Clinic, will include a panel of CYFD and UNM Children's Hospital representatives to discuss the importance of Child Abuse Prevention Month, as well as the number of child abuse cases seen at UNM Children's Hospital annually. 


The training/educational tapes will be available in both English and Spanish and  will be used to help train staff as well as families identify child abuse, specifically shaken baby syndrome.


UNM Children's Hospital serves more than 50,000 New Mexico children every year.  The hospital offers the most comprehensive care for children, available in New Mexico, and has the highest level of intensive care for children suffering from an illness or injury.  Pediatric physicians specialize in many areas, including pediatric surgery, neonatology, oncology, cardiology, pulmonary and much more.




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