Dental Hygiene Director "Distinguished Alumnus"

Contact: Shannon Guess (505) 272-0261

The University of New Mexico School of Medicine (UNM SOM) Division of Dental Hygiene awarded the first-ever Distinguished Alumnus Award to its Director, Demetra Logothetis.

Selected by her fellow UNM faculty, Logothetis was chosen based upon her exemplary dedication to scholarship, leadership and the field of dental hygiene. When Logothetis was appointed as Director, the program was slated for closure. She is credited by her colleagues as being responsible for reversing the trend and causing the Division of Dental Hygiene to grow and flourish.

Logothetis began her study of dental hygiene at UNM where she received her associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. She then earned a Masters Degree from the University of Missouri (UM) in Kansas City.

Upon her return to Albuquerque, Logothetis joined the UNM faculty where she has been able to share her skills and knowledge with countless dental hygiene students. Her specialties include anesthesiology, clinical management and medical emergencies and she is currently a tenured professor of dental hygiene surgery.

Although she has been awarded many honors including the UNM School of Medicine Teaching Excellence Award and the Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award from UM College of Dentistry, one of her greatest achievements has been renovating the SOM Division of Dental Hygiene.

Through leadership, passion and expertise, Logothetis has enriched not only the educational experience of students, but the field of dental hygiene and patient care. She is truly a distinguished alumnus.

Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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