Department of Medicine Ranks High for NIH Funding

The UNM School of Medicine's Department of Internal Medicine recently received word it ranked  38th  out 112 internal medicine departments  in the amount of U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) research funding in 2005, the latest year for which statistics have become available.

"I am extremely proud of my department's achievement in this ranking," said Pope Moseley M.D., chair for the Department of Medicine.  "We were ranked 62nd when I began my tenure as chair of the department in 2001.  Our rise in the rankings during the past few years demonstrates the department's ability to choose wisely in investing its  resources in its research recruits.  This increase in research dollars flowing into the state is and will continue to have a benefit to the healthcare of New Mexicans.

"This ranking is based on the purely objective criteria of research dollars awarded by the NIH through its competitive grants and contracts," said Moseley.  "Today's research environment is extremely competitive on a national level.  It is a tribute to the faculty and staff within the UNM Department of Internal Medicine that our grant funding continues to grow each year."

Annually, NIH computes data on funding provided by NIH grants, cooperative agreements and contracts to universities, hospitals, and other institutions.  In 2005, the UNM Department of Internal Medicine actually ranked above the departments of internal medicine at such well known educational institutions as the Oregon Health Sciences University, Dartmouth Medical School,  l, Cornell Univeristy,and University of Utah.

The UNM Department of Internal Medicine received almost $28.9 million in grants from the NIH in 2005 in three different areas.  The department received some 24 research grants totalling $14.576 million.  In addition the department also received two R&D grants for a total of $14.3 million (these are grants where the NIH contracts for specific services and one $80,384 training grant.

For additional information on the rankings, visit:,%20MEDICFor additional information on the rankings, visit:,%20MEDICINE

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