Domenici Center Dedicated

October 10, 2005

Contact: Sam Giammo, Director of Public Affairs 272-3682


The Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education was dedicated today in a unique beaded hammer and spike ceremony. The center ultimately will integrate research, education and clinical practice for future healthcare students at the UNM Health Sciences Center to provide them unparalleled practical, comprehensive training.

University of New Mexico officials praised the 165,000 square-foot Health Sciences Center Education Complex, while recognizing Senator Pete Domenici's enduring personal and public service commitment to pre-eminent healthcare training and education at UNM.

"This incredible Health Sciences Education Complex is for all New Mexicans," remarked UNM President Louis Caldera.

"With the unwavering support of Senator Domenici and the state legislature, the citizens of New Mexico will benefit greatly from improved medical training and healthcare," added Dr. R. Philip Eaton, executive vice president emeritus for Health Sciences.

The estimated $49 million project, planned in phases as funding becomes available, will promote interdisciplinary learning; accommodate progressive teaching environments; enable technological flexibility; and provide state-of-the-art medical training and equipment.

The complex's $17 million first phase, currently under construction and scheduled to be completed in fall 2006, will create a new learning environment for medical, nursing and pharmacy students by combining research knowledge, education and clinical performance. Phase One of the project will provide 48,000 square feet of space for the Learning Center, a 300-seat auditorium, seminar and classrooms, a bookstore and more.

"I am very happy to see this project get underway," Domenici offered. "It will make the UNM Health Sciences Center even better suited to prepare New Mexico 's next generation of health professionals. This new facility will include all the latest technology needed to allow UNM to be on the cutting-edge of health education."

For more information on the dedication event or Domenici Center , call 272-3322.

Contact: Sam Giammo, 272-3322

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