Domenici Hall Architecture Recognized

January 18, 2006

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Pete and Nancy Domenici Hall just might develop a healthy ego. Already nationally recognized as a premiere neuroscience and mental illness research facility, Pete and Nancy Domenici Hall, located on the University of New Mexico North Campus , is now being recognized as the best Education project in the University/College category by Southwest Contractor's Best of 2005 Awards.

The project began in December 2003 with an existing 9,855 square-foot building and finished in May 2005 as a 52,170 square-foot, two story addition and remodel. Domenici Hall now houses the non-profit Mental Illness and Neuroscience Discovery Institute (MIND Institute) and UNM's Biomedical Research and Integrative Neuro-Imaging (BRaIN Imaging). Construction of Domenici Hall was completed with grants from both the MIND Institute and the National Institutes of Health.

"The most remarkable feature of the MIND Institute's facility at Domenici Hall is the design, which allows for close collaboration between a variety of research scientists, including engineers, chemists, neurologists, psychiatrists, psy chologists, radiologists and physicists all located in the same work space," said John Rasure, CEO of the MIND Institute. "This cross disciplinary approach allows us to make discoveries faster and with more efficiency."

Construction of Domenici Hall re quired a great deal of precision and logistics. Work had to be scheduled at times to coordinate with the existing facilities and its occupants to avoid disrupting sensitive equipment with vibrations. Non-ferrous materials were used in the magnet areas combining a more complex building structure of steel, wood and concrete. The heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system was carefully designed and balanced to avoid the mixing of labs from patient and office spaces. Along with functional detail, touches of architectural beauty in Domenici Hall are manifested through stone floors, zinc-clad exterior panels, wood ceilings and natural day-lighting.

The completed project is not only an elegant structural building, but home to state of the art technological facilities that will provide an invaluable service to the community. "Those men, women, and children of our state that experience mental illness, depression, stroke, brain tumors, and other nerve disease deserve the best diagnosis and treatment that modern medicine can provide," said Phil Eaton, Vice President Emeritus for Health Sciences at UNM.

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