Donation Helps Support Drug Adherence Program for People Living With HIV and AIDS

UNM's Truman Street Health Clinic and the New Mexico Aids Service received a donation from GlaxcoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals to support a program that helps people living with HIV and AIDS adhere to their complicated medicine regime. Steve Stillman, an HIV therapy specialist, presented the $3,000 donation.

The Adherence Program is a nationwide effort to educate people who are taking the complex anti-retroviral medications about proper use and potential side effects. The program provides the support patients need to be 100 percent adherent to their medications a crucial part in treating their illness.

The donation from GlaxoSmithKline, a manufacturer of HIV/AIDS medications, will be used to support many aspects of the Adherence Program including a discussion group for patients. "Meals and Meds" is a joint venture between the Truman Street Health Services and NMAS and is held every Thursday from 5 to 6 p.m. Participants are invited to eat dinner and take part in discussions related to medication adherence, side effect management and living with HIV and AIDS.

Truman Street Clinic, located at 625 Truman N.E., is a component of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center.
Contact: HSC Public Affairs, 272-3322

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