Dr. David Sklar Named UNM Distinguished Professor

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – UNM Health Sciences Center Professor David Sklar, M.D., an emergency medicine physician, educator, researcher and scholar for more than 30 years at the university, was recognized as a UNM Distinguished Professor this month by Dr. Paul Roth, UNM chancellor for Health Sciences.

“On behalf of the entire university community, thank you David Sklar for the many years of hard work and unwavering commitment that have resulted in your attainment of the highest honor UNM can bestow on a member of its faculty,” Roth states. “Dr. Sklar is nationally known for defining emergency medicine as a specialty field and establishing its legal and ethical foundations and he joins a very small number of individuals who have made so many major scholarly contributions to their fields.”

From Stanford University Medical School, Sklar completed his residency in 1978 at the University of New Mexico and joined the faculty in 1980 as Chair for the Emergency Medicine Department. He currently serves as UNM School of Medicine Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education. His interests range from injury epidemiology research to hiking with his family.

In addition to numerous pioneering academic papers, Sklar authored the book “La Clinica – A Doctor’s Journey Across Borders.” The book explores the complex relationship between American volunteers, of which he was one prior to medical school, attempting to provide medical care to indigent patients in rural Mexico in the early 1970s.

"Although I have always taken great pride in the accomplishments of the many talented colleagues with whom I have worked, I have to say I'm truly honored to receive this award,” Sklar relates. “I was given the incredible opportunity to become part of the newly emerging specialty of Emergency Medicine, but the most meaningful part of my work has been the individual interactions I have with patients and students.”

Sklar’s experiences in Emergency Medicine have taken him all over the world. His next stop is in Washington, D.C., as a Robert Wood Johnson Fellow, where he’ll be learning health policy while debating national cost, access and quality of care challenges.

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