Dr. Luis A. Vargas, new President-Elect of Division 37 of the American Psychological Association

Luis A. Vargas, Ph.D., associate professor, Psychiatry, within the UNM School of Medicine, is the new president-elect of Division 37, Child Youth and Family Services of the American Psychological Association.  <p>

The Division of Child, Youth, and Family Services is committed to the application of psychological knowledge to advocacy, service delivery, and public policies affecting children, youth, and families. The division advances research, education, training, and practice through a multi-disciplinary perspective. Division activities, which include published works, have focused on such topics as: divorce and custody, child abuse prevention, pediatric AIDS, drug-exposed infants, latchkey children, homelessness, and systems of care.

The Division publishes a scientific and professional journal, Children's Services: Social Policy, Research, and Practice, to provide a forum for discussions of issues related to the concerns of the Division. The Division's membership newsletter, The Child, Youth, and Family Services Advocate, highlights emerging issues in the field.


Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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