Marshall Ritchie, a Development Specialist II, talks to pediatric patients
At the Outpatient Child Life department at UNM Children’s Hospital.

Meet Marshall

Marshall Ritchie is a Development Specialist II with the Outpatient Child Life department at UNM Children’s Hospital. His job is to help ease pediatric patients’ anxiety during scary and unpleasant procedures and treatments.

"We are here to help the overall family and meet their needs to the best of our ability so they can be comfortable during their time here," said Ritchie. "I’m really glad to be doing this work because I can see that it is helping these children."

What is Child Life?

The Child Life department at the UNM Children’s Hospital provides several different services that support the patients and their families during their time at the hospital.

Child Life specialists understand that illnesses and hospitalizations can be very stressful on the lives of children and their families. By using age-appropriate education, preparation and supportive activities, Child Life specialists work to minimize that stress and help children and their families cope positively with their experience at the hospital.

The goal of Child Life is to normalize the hospital experience for the children and their families by creating a safe, secure and clean environment.

Child Life is here for you. Please contact Child Life at (505) 272-2671 for more information about our services.