Faculty Receive Stemmler Grant

The UNM School of Medicine was selected by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) to receive a Stemmler Grant for a project titled “A Web-Based Program for the Deliberate Practice and Formative Assessment of Writing Patient Notes.”

The two-year project is collaboration between Teresita McCarty, M.D., associate professor of Psychiatry, and Jay Parkes, PhD., associate professor of Educational Psychology in the UNM College of Education.

The project seeks to evaluate the formative assessment and deliberate practice models as implemented through the web-based technology, Calibrated Peer Review.tm.

Calibrated Peer Reviewtmis a resource-sparing program that combines accurate observation and informative feedback. The study was created in hope of examining the role that Calibrated Peer Reviewtmplays in the enhancement of medical students’ overall clinical reasoning skills as well as improvements to general performance.

Over the next two years, the $150,000 Stemmler Grant will fund further exploration, trials and research. Stemmler Awards are competitive and are awarded annually to three medical schools. The award is designed to encourage and reward innovative research in medical education assessment.

This award is particularly significant to UNM SOM because of the historical NBME/UNM SOM legacy. In 1996, SOM was awarded an inaugural NBME grant. The initial grant was led by Betty Skipper and many SOM faculty members participated as advisory board members.

Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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