First Baby Born at UNM Fertility Center

March 21, 2005

Contact: Jennifer Riordan 272-0261 office, 220-0702 cell; Bridgid Isworth 463-6044


Celebrations are underway for the first baby born through the In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Program in the Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Center at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (RMFC@NM).

Chloe Love Gardner was born in Albuquerque to parents Kathryn and Bill Gardner, and, according to mom, she is a "perfect" baby.

The RMFC@NM was established by leading, board-certified endocrinologist Paul Magarelli, M.D., Ph.D., only nine months ago. Magarelli comes from Colorado Springs as New Mexico's newest and only Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist. Magarelli's pregnancy success rate regularly surpasses national statistics.

Already parents to daughter Jayden, the Gardners had been trying to become pregnant with a second child for more than three years. Through a referral by UNM doctor Francis Byrn, the Gardner's met with Magarelli, who recommended the IVF treatment. Soon after, Kathryn became pregnant with Chloe through her first IVF treatment. "Everything went really fast and I got pregnant the first time," Kathryn said.   

Currently, UNM has no laboratory facilities for egg retrieval and embryo transfer, therefore couples have to travel to Magarelli's Colorado Springs office for IVF procedures. "The most difficult thing was trying to find day care for our daughter Jayden," Kathryn said. "But a whole slew of family members helped out with that."

 "Otherwise, the trip to Colorado Springs was like a mini vacation. I stayed in a nice hotel and following the procedure I rested by the pool."

Kathryn said that through Magarelli's recommendation, she undertook acupuncture treatments to help increase the chances of becoming pregnant. In a recent study undertaken by Magarelli and Doctor of Oriental Medicine Diane K. Cridennda, L.Ac., results showed that acupuncture enhanced and improved IVF outcomes, and also reduced the likelihood of miscarriage. Magarelli has been selected to present his findings at the 12th World Congress on Human Reproduction in Venice, Italy, this month.

"All staff members at UNM Hospital were great; they were very accommodating and we had a very good experience," Gardner said.

Magarelli will host a number of free infertility seminars throughout the year for couples who are trying to start families. The next "In Search of the Stork" seminar is March 21 at 6 p.m. Reservations for the free seminars can be made by calling 272-3886.

RMFC@NM is dedicated to providing New Mexico residents with options for superior, high-tech fertility care. The center's motto, "High Tech with a Personal Touch," reflects its commitment to compassionate, comprehensive and state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment of infertility couples. Regardless of Magarelli's outstanding success rate, he continues to dedicate his practice and his focus to "one healthy baby."

Contact: Jennifer Riordan, 272-3322

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