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Taking protective social measures – canceling events, working from home, self-quarantine, etc. – can help slow the spread of an outbreak such as Novel Coronavirus COVID-19. According to VOXEpidemiologists call this strategy of preventing a huge spike in cases “flattening the curve,” and it looks like this: 

You can also see an animated gif here, that illustrates the significance of flattening the curve.
Both VOX and The New York Times have helpful articles mapping out the importance of this concept and its associated practices. The primary takeaway is that we can all contribute to slowing down the rate of people getting sick. So even if you aren’t part of the more vulnerable populations (people over 60 and people with chronic medical conditions), you can still help. 

“Even if you’re young and healthy, it’s your job to follow social distancing measures to avoid spreading it to others, and keep the epidemic in slow motion.” 
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