Gear Up to Fight Seasonal Allergies Say the Experts at UNM Westside Allergy Clinic

Do you think the allergy season is over? For many in Albuquerque , the monsoon season can signal times when they are again sneezing as pollen counts rise - not to mention the summer misery that can befall one who is allergic to grasses and blooming weeds. Many people don't realize also that allergies can follow rains. Raindrops can form around dust and pollen particles high in the air and that are then sent to earth when the rain come to earth. Then as the droplets dry, New Mexico 's wind dries up and the winds blow and all that dust and pollen flies right for you.

Mark Schuyler, M.D., evaluates and treats allergies for both pediatric and adult patients at the UNM Westside Allergy Clinic; 4808 McMahon Blvd. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114.

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