Group Promotes NM to Health Care Professionals

September 30, 2005

Contact: Angela Heisel (505) 272-3651;Jenny Savage (505) 272-3690


Members of the New Mexico Healthcare Recruiter's Network know that New Mexico is a great place to live and they're teaming up to convince critical healthcare professionals across the nation of that same belief. Working as a collaboration between hospitals across the state, the NM HRN is seeking to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare in New Mexico communities by attracting new talent and creating a strong healthcare community within the state.

The network is comprised of experienced healthcare recruiters from St. Vincent 's, Rehoboth McKinley, San Juan Regional, Gila Regional, Presbyterian, Lovelace, the UNM Health Sciences Center , and the UNM hospitals. "By utilizing our collective recruitment strategies and past experiences, we are initiating events, media campaigns, and creating collateral materials that will market New Mexico as a desirable place to live and work," said Valerie Grant, UNM Human Resources.

NM HRN plans to join forces with the New Mexico Tourism Department to accomplish its mission.

"The overall intent is to package New Mexico appropriately to a national audience of healthcare professionals, as well as aggressively recruit our current healthcare students into professional opportunities throughout the state," Grant said. "We want to keep our home grown talent in New Mexico ."

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