HSC Controller's Office Undergoes Changes

October 12, 2005

Contact: Sam Giammo (505) 272-3682; Courtney Smith (505) 272-3690


In order to reflect its mission and goals, the HSC Controller's Office has officially changed its name to "HSC Financial Services". The organization has also changed internally to further facilitate overriding objectives during the coming year.

Shannon Gilbert, formerly the manager of the Reporting group, is now managing the Program support group, whose name has changed to Program Support and Accounting Services. Gilbert has a dual reporting role to Marjorie Goldstein and Deborah Helitzer.

In addition to Goldstein's role as assistant dean for finance in the School of Medicine , she has assumed additional responsibilities with HSC Financial Services.

Deborah Helitzer, assistant dean for research in the School of Medicine , will bring a valued faculty perspective as plans are developed and implemented to fine-tune and improve pre-award and post-award processes.

The three team leaders are no longer supervising a particular team but will continue to maintain the "team" concept within the office.

Marcia Sletten is responsible for reporting, training and administration; Rena Vinyard is responsible of the Pre-award function; and Beth Morris is responsible for accounting services (ie. post-award). A new hire team will supervise billing and accounts receivable.

Lee Gulbransen, formerly the manager of the Program Support Group, is now managing the areas of post-audit and internal service centers.

The recent changes at HSC Financial Services plan on improving customer service, data accuracy and stakeholder satisfaction.

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