HSC Dedicates Domenici Center

Cutting-Edge facility Designed To Integrate/Advance Medical Disciplines

The University of New Mexico dedicated Phase I of its new 48,000 ft2, $16-million Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education today on its North Campus. The state-of-the-art facility is equipped and designed to advance medical education and training for all health sciences at UNM, including the UNM School of Medicine, the Colleges of Nursing and Pharmacy, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences, Public Health and Biomedical Sciences. The Center was named after New Mexico Senator Pete Domenici, a stalwart supporter of progressive New Mexico health education. Phase I of the three-phase project includes two buildings that house a 300-seat auditorium, several small- and medium-sized classrooms, a medical bookstore, conference rooms, student and administrative meeting spaces, a lactation room and more.

Video systems in Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education are based on a full digital path design to ensure that emerging high-resolution applications can easily be integrated. Built-in fingertip-control of advanced audio/video technology, including three high-resolution projectors, enable lecturers to fill the room with the high-quality images critical to the effective training of future physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals.

In addition, audience response systems will be supported throughout Domenici Center to allow real-time anonymous feedback between students and lecturers. Students will be able to anonymously ask lecturers for additional clarification regarding subject matter during a lecture; lecturers can ask students questions during a presentation to gauge comprehension of specific points.

“Upon completion, the Domenici Center for Health Sciences will position UNM’s Health Sciences Center as a leader in progressive medical education by integrating medical disciplines and centralizing research knowledge, education, and clinical performance in one location,” says Paul Roth, M.D., UNM executive vice president for health sciences. “We are setting the standard for medical training in the 21stCentury.”

The Domenici Center complex is designed to combine research knowledge, education and clinical performance in one central location to more effectively train future New Mexico health practitioners.

Phase II of Domenici Center is slated to begin in 2008 and will include a new Human Anatomy Lab and a Clinical Performance Center. For more information on Domenici Center, please call 505/272-3322.

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