HSC Health System Leadership Announced

UNM Health Science Center Chancellor and Dean of the School of Medicine, Paul Roth, M.D., announced new leadership positions and changes within the Health Sciences Center and UNM Health System for the new academic year.

The duties of Richard Larson, M.D., will be expanded. He will now also serve as the HSC Executive Vice Chancellor while remaining as the Vice Chancellor for Research. In this additional role, Larson will work closely with Roth to help UNM become a nationally recognized, tier-one research institution, one of the three strategic goals set forth by UNM President Frank. Larson also will be called upon to represent Roth and the HSC in the community to strengthen partnerships.

Michael Richards, M.D., will be appointed the UNM Health System Executive Physician-in-Chief. This new position will serve as the UNM Health System senior physician leader and report directly to Roth as the Health System Chief Executive Officer. Richards will work in close collaboration with the Health System Chief Operation Officer, Steve McKernan, with a primary responsibility of developing and implementing the Health System strategic initiatives and systems redesign. The ongoing growth in the UNM Health System scale, scope and complexity and the rapidly changing health care landscape makes organizational alignment, efficiency and quality even more of a strategic imperative.

Steve McKernan will serve as Health System Chief Operations Officer. He will also continue to serve as the UNM Health System and Chief Executive Officer of UNM Hospital. He will assume more involvement in the clinical operations of all the Health System components. McKernan will work to strengthen external relationships with partner health care organizations around the state and nation.

Leslie Morrison, M.D., now serves as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, succeeding John Trotter, M.D., who now will serve as Vice Chancellor Emeritus.

Ava Lovell will now serve as HSC Senior Executive Officer for Finance and Administration. She will be tasked with drafting and implementing a plan to establish a financial and metrics database to better support decisions and provide greater access to a broad audience at HSC. In her administrative capacity, she will work to enhance the HSC space and facilities management process to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of our units.


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