HSC Research Pulls In Record $137.5 Million

The HSC Office of Research amassed more than $137.5 million in federal research dollars in FY ’09, its highest research grant funding year ever, despite the overall decrease in federal research dollars since 2006. The $137.5 million represents a 15-percent increase over 2005’s $120 million in research, and a nearly six-fold jump from 1995’s $25 million.

Last year’s research awards, garnered by faculty thorughout the HSC, supported nearly $60 million in high-tech New Mexico salaries with federal money, according to HSC Vice President for Translational Research Richard Larson, M.D., Ph.D. "As part of our research mission, we are bringing significant new monies, jobs and salaries into New Mexico – rather than tapping state coffers – to resolve local, regional and global health challenges," Larson points out. "These dollars multiply several times over as they are infused into our local economy." Improved grant search and application processes, and stronger and more diverse relationships within the HSC, UNM and outside research communities have led to increased research funding. Approximately half of the $137.5 million was federal money, while the other half came from private organizations, foundations and companies.

"The Health Sciences Center’s research programs are creating high-paying jobs locally that continue to fuel Albuquerque’s and New Mexico’s economic engines," Larson adds. "More importantly, our research directly addresses New Mexicans coping with debilitating chronic diseases, life-changing catastrophic accidents, and effective preventive health measures."

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