HSC Study: Women with Urgency Urinary Incontinence

The UNM Health Sciences Urogynecology Division is recruiting participants in a unique study to compare two treatments for women who suffer from urgency urinary incontinence.

ROSETTA, which stands for “Refractory Overactive Bladder: Sacral Neuromodulation v.Botulinum Toxin Assessment” is an National Institutes of Health funded trial that offerswomen with urgency urinary incontinence (the unintended urinary loss associated with the 'you gotta to, you gotta go' sensation) the opportunity to be treated with either Botox injections or placement of a sacral neuromodulator (or a 'bladder pacemaker').

InterStim® Therapy uses mild electrical pulses to stimulate the nerves going to the bladder to help prevent urge incontinence. It is like a bladder pacemaker. Studies have shown that women with urge incontinence may also have improvement with BOTOX® injections into the bladder. BOTOX® treats urge incontinence by making the bladder muscle relax.

Participants in the study will be followed over a two year period.

“Though both have been proven to be effective in scientific trials, only the sacral neuromodulator is currently available to patients with the most common type of urgency urinary incontinence. We, in the UNMH Urogynecology Division, are delighted that we have the chance to offer our patients entry into this important study. It increases the choices available to our patients with this debilitating problem," said Yuko Komesu MD Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator of the study.

Qualifications to participate in the study include:

• A diagnosis of UUI/OAB

• Are 21 or older

• Not pregnant with no plans to become pregnant

• If sexually active, must be using medically acceptable contraception

• Experienced failure with other medications and pelvic floor exercises

• Greater than or equal to 6 urge urinary incontinence for 3 days

• Able to complete ALL study related items and interviews

• Currently not on certain medications

For more information about the study, contact a research coordinator (505) 967-8428 or


Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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