HSC Website Ranks in Top 10 Nationally

Designation Critical to Clinical Mission for New Mexicans

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (HSC) was identified as 10thbest overall hospital/health system website in the U.S. according to a study recently reported in the Journal of Healthcare Management.

The study, led by Dr. Eric Ford with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, was developed to assess hospital and health system websites on accessibility, content, marketing and technology. The study also assessed the extent to which web pages are designed for navigation.

Initially, researchers identified more than 4,000 facilities from the American Hospital Association’s data, but whittled the final sample to 636 facilities in the U.S. Each organization’s website was mapped using a web crawler, which begins at the website homepage and drills down into successive subpages to build a topographical map of the links within a site.

Overall, websites in the study performed best in content and technology categories, while marketing and accessibility needed improvement. Interestingly, children’s hospitals and cancer facilities performed well.

“Organizing and presenting continually evolving information at this scale is a constant challenge,” offers Kevin Wiley, UNM Health Sciences Center systems and programming manager with the Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center. “It’s helpful to hear from an objective outside source about our strengths and weaknesses, and how we compare.”

HSC website administrator David Groth agrees. “It’s a matter of triaging information for our primary consumers, who we always keep top-of-mind, and developing logical pathways for them to access it,” Groth adds. “We’re constantly evaluating our product, but outside reviews from our customers and others are particularly useful.”

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