HSC Welcomes Scott as UNM Emergency Manager

The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center welcomes Donald Scott as UNM’s new University Emergency Manager. Scott, a nationally certified Emergency Manager and current member of the New Mexico Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT), is tasked with coordinating and preparing the entire university and all of its response components for any large-scale emergency incidents, from an outbreak of the Avian Flu to a biological or other terrorist attack. "A large part of my role will be to formulate and refine emergency response and recovery infrastructure and programs in the event of an incident,” Scott asserts. “Another important function will be to expand UNM student and employee awareness of emergency management. Ultimately, we want everyone from President Schmidly to freshmen students to be prepared at home and at UNM for an emergency event.” Scott brings other talents and experiences to the table, including extensive prior experience as a paramedic, a Deputy Fire chief, a Police supervisor and a medical investigator in New Mexico. The University Emergency Manager position was developed last summer through UNM’s Security Integration Initiative as part of an administrative consolidation effort. University officials recognized the need for emergency management and response for all of UNM to be coordinated from a single point at the Health Sciences Center.

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