HSLIC Exhibit Explores History of Patent Medicine

April 17, 2006

Contact: Lauren Cruse (505) 272-3690


The Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center continues its New Mexico Health Historical Collection Exhibits with a new topic, "Patent Medicine in the U.S.A," opening Wednesday, April 19 from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in room 223 at the Health Sciences Library. Quirky medical gadgets and wild, secret concoctions sold during the 19th century to cure every ailment from itch, baldness, and corns to diphtheria, cholera, and cancer will be a few of the interesting items on display.

The exhibit will primarily focus on the history of self-medication in the United States, beginning in England and reaching its peak in the Patent Medicine Era of the 19th century. Interesting historical artifacts, some used from the UNM College of Pharmacy's historical collection, will help highlight the origins, uses and abuses of patent medicine that eventually led to public outcry for reform.

The exhibit is open until October 20, 2006. For more information on the exhibit, call Bonnie Jewel (272-0656).

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