Umar Malik, Adi Mehta and Nick Villalobos Umar Malik, Adi Mehta and Nick Villalobos

I’m So First Year, Look At Me Now

You might have seen these three in a hit YouTube video that has been making the rounds. They are first year UNM School of Medicine students who produced a parody video about med school life at the UNM Health Sciences Center. The video has taken off with over 61,000 views to date. We sat down with the trio to learn more about the making of Look At Me Now ft. UNM Medical School ’15.

Give us some background. How did this all start?

Umar: We kind of all played different roles in making this video, but it originally started with Nick.

Nick: I had this idea during anatomy lab. We’d spend countless hours dissecting in the lab and my lab group would sing to try to lighten up the mood. I would just put some words together and I thought this sounds kind of cool maybe we can do something with this. I went to college in Texas and it’s a very common thing for the Texas medical schools to make parody videos. That’s a big reason why I wanted to make a parody video for UNM. I thought it would be funny. I wanted to show people we can be creative and have fun, and be in medical school.

Umar: Nick had been talking to us about the video for months. Since August, I would hear him sing this song all the time.

Adi: He would say a couple of lines in the anatomy lab all the time and it would get stuck in our heads which was the line: "Ladies love me. I go to med school." We would just hear it randomly. So, months later we said we just got to do it.

Nick: We put it together during spring break. If it wasn’t during spring break, we wouldn’t have been able to make this video. We don’t have that much time on our hands!

Did you each write your own verses?

Adi: When we decided that we were going to do this, Umar texted us the very next day and said he had his verse written. In one night he already had his part written, so that got the wheels turning for me and Nick. I wrote mine and Nick wrote his. We actually recorded the song in this building (Basic Medical Sciences Building) at 10 at night in one of the tutorial rooms.

You made this parody video to also help get donations for a student run clinic?

Nick: Right. The donations are for Clinic One Hope/East Central Ministries. We’ve all volunteered there. For me it hits home because there are a lot of immigrants that go to that clinic and my family is all immigrants. I think it’s a very important clinic. The way the clinic works is amazing, too. Students help run the clinic, residents can do their residencies there, and it’s a community clinic run by the people in that community. It’s a nice atmosphere for patients.

Tell us about the feedback you’ve been receiving about the video, positive and negative.

Umar: For the most part, the majority of the feedback we’ve gotten on the video has been really positive. People absolutely love it. At the same time we’ve had negative feedback which is going to happen no matter what.

Adi: One of the things we definitely wanted to clear up was with the pharmacy students. We meant no disrespect. We love pharmacy students! It was all in good fun.

Nick: Honestly, the only reason I put "fresher than a pharm student" in there is because it’s a one syllable word and it kind of sounds nice with "fresh." It sounded better than law students.

Umar: We kind of wanted to just represent the HSC in general. Sure, it says UNM Medical School in the title, but at the end of the day it’s representing UNM HSC. We wanted to represent all of the students here, and like Adi said, it was all in good fun.

Why did you choose UNM for medical school?

Umar: I’ve been in New Mexico and Albuquerque my whole life so it was an easy choice for me because it’s home. It’s a really great school. Everybody has their own preferences and for me I love Albuquerque. I’m enjoying it.

Nick: I left originally because, you know, some people get tired of New Mexico. I went to Texas. I love Texas, but, honestly, looking at it I said I want to be back in New Mexico. This was the only school I applied to. It was the only place I wanted to be. I love Albuquerque and New Mexico has so much to offer. I want to be part of it. I want to be a physician in New Mexico.

Adi: I have the same kind of story. I moved here from India when I was 10. For undergrad I went to a school in New York. I did about two years there and then I came back to UNM because I really wanted to go to the UNM medical school. It’s been a great ride so far, a great experience.

Haven’t seen the video yet? Watch here:

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