Volunteer at the  New Mexico Medical Reserve Corps
New Mexico Medical Reserve Corps has many different volunteers who assist during public health emergencies.

I volunteer for the New Mexico Medical Reserve Corps, and we need volunteers all over the state who can assist during local or statewide public health emergencies . . . and not just docs. We need everything from interpreters to cooks to childcare providers to animal handlers – essentially, people who care. There’s a laundry list of tasks and volunteer positions that will equip this group to help manage a public health emergency in your community – or even assist with health education, childhood immunization campaigns, influenza shot clinics and more. We’re simply trying to assemble a variety of skilled folks to respond when New Mexicans are in need. If you’re good at what you do and want to help your community, we could sure use you. Be happy to answer any questions anyone might have.

For more information on the New Mexico Medical Reserve Corps, or visit our online application to apply now!