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Knowledge is Power: UNM Medical Students Create Podcasts to Help Inform About COVID-19

In normal years, springtime finds University of New Mexico School of Medicine students engaging with the community as part of their studies. 

But 2020 is anything but normal. Because the COVID-19 outbreak is preventing students from serving in community clinics around the state as part of their learning process, a new class has them creating projects to help mitigate the disruptive effect the pandemic is having on their training.

As part of their studies, three medical students have reviewed the professional medical literature and created short podcasts aimed at the public. Crina Peterson, Dominique Price and Anastasia Haponyuk hope their project adds value by providing science-based information.

"Reading the primary literature is important,” Peterson says. “We want to empower the public by translating these resources into short, understandable information that people can use to inform themselves and family members as we continue to learn about COVID-19 together."

The three created “Looking into the Literature – Keeping up With COVID,” a series of short public service announcement audio supplements to be aired during the UNM Health Hour, the show that airs Sunday at 11 a.m. on KKOB.

These segments focus on the science of COVID-19 in order to answer questions from the public.  The podcasts can also be downloaded by the public on several platforms with accompanying flyers in English and Spanish. 

The goal, the students say, was to provide quick answers for busy people.

"We know there is a lot of information and misinformation out there,” Haponuk says. “As medical school students we are reading the latest scientific journals and materials to gather the information in these segments."

Price describes each segment as “a quick 15-minute snapshot” of what they need to know. “Our  hope is that these short, easy-to digest-programs help inform the public about what they need to know and how to protect themselves,” she says.

The School of Medicine faculty members supervising the project are Drs. Jerica Johnson and Tom Markle.

Episodes of the UNM Health Hour may be accessed on the HSC Newsroom, Spotify and iTunes.



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