Mind Institute Expands to "Mind Research Network"

NEWS RELEASE September 27, 2007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEALBUQUERQUE, NM – The Mind Institute (Mental Illness and Neuroscience Discovery), a high-powered, not-for-profit research center established in Albuquerque, NM, in 1998, has added Mind Research Network (MRN) to its name.

The change is intended to better reflect the mission of the Mind Institute, according to John Rasure, CEO for the Mind. “The tag ‘Mind Research Network’ more accurately reflects our national operational structure in effectively forging partnerships between research centers that study traumatic brain injury, psychopathy, addiction, schizophrenia and other neurological conditions that affect individuals and society at large.”

The Mind Research Network combines multi-modal neuroimaging, genetic mapping, and neuroinformatics to more quickly advance the research, diagnoses, and treatment of mental disorders and brain injuries.

“Studies of mental illness and brain injury can advance more quickly by integrating data from each of our partners with existing and new collaborators,” Rasure adds. “Our mission is to integrate data from different sites that use various neuroimaging modalities in order to provide more meaningful and usable data. Ultimately, we are creating a new paradigm for mental health research that will produce quicker results with fast-track clinical applications.” This integrative strategy—sharing techniques and expertise across sites and combining multiple approaches to understanding the human mind and brain—positions the Mind Research Network to apply answers to crucial questions about the mechanisms and treatment of mental illness and neurological disorders. For more information on the Mind Research Network, visitwww.mrn.org.

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