Leslie Morrison, MD Leslie Morrison, MD

Morrison New Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

June 22, 2012

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Chancellor Paul Roth and the HSC Office of Academic Affairs are proud to announce Dr. Leslie Morrison as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, succeeding Dr. John Trotter, who now will serve as Vice Chancellor Emeritus.

Morrison is a Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics and served as Executive Director for Student and Faculty Affairs for the HSC and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the School of Medicine (SOM). Previous roles at UNM include Vice Chair for Neurology and Division Chief for Child Neurology. Nationally, Morrison is an elected member of the AAMC Group on Faculty Affairs (GFA) steering committee, and serves on the Program Planning subcommittee for the first combined GFA and Group on Diversity and Inclusion international meeting to be held in 2012. She also is the UNM representative for the AAMC Group on Women in Medicine and Science and a 2009 graduate of the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine program with leadership roles in the alumni organization. Morrison has held numerous national leadership positions in Child Neurology and Neurology in Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines, Standard of Care consensus statements in Pediatric Neuromuscular diseases, Subspecialty Certification and Accreditation, and has national interprofessional collaborations with Advanced Practice Nursing. She leads a major research effort for familial Cerebral Cavernous Malformations at UNM and serves as group leader for standard of care consensus statements in pediatric neuromuscular diseases.

Hailing from Farmington, NM, Morrison is a 1978 graduate of the UNM Bachelor of Science program in Physical Therapy (PT) and practiced in the field of pediatric PT in rural and urban locations for five years. She is a 1987 graduate of the UNM School of Medicine Primary Care Curriculum, and completed residency training in Pediatrics and Child Neurology at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore, MD, in 1992. She was recruited back to NM and has been on the faculty since that time, providing clinical care and outreach to NM children and families, education and research along with administrative duties. She is a dedicated mentor to faculty and leadership at the HSC.

Contact: Luke Frank, 272-3322

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