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National Reputation Draws Pathology Residents

Welcome to the University of New Mexico Department of Pathology. Our vibrant and collegial team of pathologists, scientists, trainees and staff reflects the multicultural population of New Mexico. We link diversity with excellence through outstanding programs in education, training, biomedical research and patient care. We are committed to serving New Mexico’s unique populations and cultures while also contributing substantially to solving national and global problems.

So who is the ideal candidate for our residency program? Contrary to popular opinion, we are not looking for human guinea pigs in Hantavirus experiments or individuals with a compelling desire for direct interaction with extraterrestrial life. However, we are impressed by a strong performance in medical school, excellent reference letters, and a penchant for pursuing knowledge.

Our residents presently and historically have been notable for teamwork, a sense of humor, and perhaps most critically, they are known for their results. This may sound like a marines' recruiting poster, but they work hard and they play hard. In other words, our residents generally perform very well to excellently in national measures of pathology wisdom (RISE exams, Boards), they tend to secure very desirable fellowships, and they engage in fruitful and challenging research projects.

More information on the Pathology Residency program.

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