New Mexico Burn Center Receives State Funding

$100,000 to Improve Wound Care, Upgrade Facilities

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – UNM Hospital Burn Center, New Mexico’s only burn center, recently received critical $100,000 in funding through New Mexico House Bill 191 for capital equipment, including internal transport equipment, modern treatment supplies, and outdoor “healing space”. Senator Cisco McSorely, Representative Al Park and the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 244 were instrumental in supporting the legislation.

The UNM Hospital Burn Center provided inpatient services for nearly 350 adult and pediatric burn injuries last year from younger than one year of age to age 89 from across New Mexico and surrounding areas, including Arizona and Colorado. Many come from New Mexico reservations and are then transported from Farmington & Gallup.

Most common burn injuries at UNM Hospital’s burn center includes scalds (ramen noodles are a top), flame (carburetor priming with gasoline-very common), grease, solvents, campfires (large drop off this past summer when camp fires were prohibited), explosions (meth labs, hot water heaters) and even frostbite (northern NM, homeless, skiing). This funding will help to expand and upgrade services for New Mexico burn victims, including new equipment and a new “healing area”.

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Contact: Luke Frank, 272-3322

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