New Mexico Clinical Prevention Initiative Helping Physicians with Educational Materials


The Clinical Prevention Initiative (CPI) is a collaborative effort of the New Mexico Medical Society and the New Mexico Department of Health. The Initiative's goal is to help physician offices and clinics across the state integrate clinical prevention into their daily practice. They have developed the following materials:

 Step-by-step algorithms to help the primary care physician understand how radiologists use mammography and ultrasound to diagnose breast cancer and Frequently Asked Questions on Breast Cancer Screening

Guide to understanding the mammogram reports you receive: the Breast Imaging and Reporting Data System (BI-RADS) Assessment Categories;

 Colorectal Cancer in New Mexic A Handbook for Health care Providers 2002;

 Pneumococcal Vaccination Fact Sheet: October 2002 Update;

Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program: A Continuing Medical Education Program;

Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program: An Exam Room Guide.

These materials are designed to help the busy primary care physician provide high quality preventive care and are available at no cost. Please contact Annie Jung to order hard copies of these or check the CPI page of the NMMS website to download.




Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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