New Mexico Is Retaining a Larger Percentage of UNM-Trained Physicians

The UNM School of Medicine continues to train physicians who stay and practice in New Mexico. Over the past seven years, the number of UNMtrained physicians practicing in New Mexico has grown from 819 to 1,219, a 49 percent increase.

A recent publication created by the School of Medicine, Location Report, 2002, reported on the impact of the School of Medicine's undergraduate and resident program within the state.

The School of Medicine Office of Program Evaluation, Education and Research found that of the 594, or 33 percent of the total number of living M.D. recipients, are practicing in New Mexico and have a New Mexico address. Of the 1,219 physicians, 25 percent of the 5,228 who have received their M.D. or completed their residencies at the UNM School of Medicine are licensed to practice in the state.

M.D. recipients and former resident are located in 30 of New Mexico's 33 countries. Of the 1,219 M.D. recipients and former residents licensed to practice in New Mexico, 599 or 48 percent, are in primary care specialties. UNM continues to maintain a national reputation in the training of primary care specialists a trend that the report benefits all the citizens of the state.

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