NM NIEHS Center Awards 2005 Pilot Project Funding

 The New Mexico Center for Environmental Health Sciences (NMCEHS), an NIEHS funded Center at the UNM HSC and Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, announces awards for its 2005 Pilot Project Program. The 2005 Pilot Project Program assists Faculty-Scientists at UNM, UNM HSC, LRRI, and VAMC for new and collaborative environmental and public health research. Priority for funding is given to new scientists, new interdisciplinary studies, and for established scientists with new and interdisciplinary studies in areas of interest to the Center.

With an investment of $100,000, awards for $15,000 - $25,000 per proposal are being made to support the Center's 2005 Pilot Project Program. Projects selected are all environmentally-relevant, with the goal of obtaining future RO1 or equivalent regular research grants.

Five scientists will be awarded funding for projects to start April 1 Dec 31, 2005.

$25,000 "Prenatal Arsenic: Effect on Hippocampal Function", PI: Andrea Alan, PhD, UNMHSC, Dept. of Neurosciences, UNM School of Medicine

$25,000 "Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Respiratory Infection", PI: Susan Boggs, PhD, Lovelace Research Respiratory Institute

$20,000 "Effects of Diesel Exhaust on Cardiac Development", PI: Mary Walker, PhD, UNMHSC, College of Pharmacy

$15,000 "Heavy Metals Exposure among Native American Jewelers and Proteomics", PI: Vallabh Shah, PhD, UNMHSC, Division of Nephrology, Dept of Internal Medicine, UNM School of Medicine

$15,000 "Phenolic Antioxidants as Environmental Antiandrogens in Prostate CarcinogenesisPI: Todd Thompson, PhD, UNMHSC, College of Pharmacy

The NMCEHS also enhances current research studies of center members by fostering collaborations between project investigators who participate in the Center's Research Cores and by providing key Facility Cores that support high technology instrumentation. The Center also supports Community Outreach and Education Programs (COEP). Information on the Center's facility and research cores as well as COEP can be found online at


Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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